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wood-burning oven / pizza / free-standing / garden



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    free-standing, garden


Easy to use. Amazing taste. .

This wood-fired stone pizza oven brings cheer entertainment to your garden. The preparing and the baking is where the fun is. Each person makes their own pizza and watches it bake in front of them on the table.

Easy to use, great wood-fired taste. Pile small wood in the back, light it and build a real hot fire in minutes. After 15 minutes, your pizza oven is so hot, pizza's bake in minutes.

"We used the pizza oven for a birthday party of one of our kids and it was an amazing success. Month later we still have children asking for another pizza oven party."

"When I took our table-top pizza oven to our neighborhood BBQ party, nobody expected that small oven to produce such incredible tasting wood-fired pizza's"

Laughing. Joking. Having fun. This is pure entertainment. And it fits in all cars for a ride to the park bench or the beach.