Oriental wallpaper / silk / nature pattern / chinoiserie



  • Style:


  • Material:


  • Motif:

    nature pattern, chinoiserie

  • Options:

    handmade, hand-painted


At the request of interior designers or clients, Misha creates custom wallpapers adapted from their own designs or based on the clients’ ideas. Carefully reviewing its designs, Misha Wallpaper can adapt the patterns to the size of the room or add original decorative features. In this way, for example, an animal wallpaper can cover the walls of any room without losing its stylistic perfection.

The possibility to change the background colour, or create matching curtains with the same pattern, is greatly appreciated by both clients and architects. Anything is possible, we can even create exclusive oriental wallpaper designs from scratch, based on the client’s own inspiration… Misha is here to help you make your dreams come true.