public bench / contemporary / high-performance concrete
CONSTRUQTA by David Karasek



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    high-performance concrete


Inspired by one of the basic construct elements – truss girder. It takes the most natural engineering beauty out of it and in a cultivated way it brings it to the landscape architecture. A play of strictly defined slants and rectangular areas connected by radiuses is something that bestows character to this otherwise simple prism made of fine UHPC concrete. Small integrated legs on lower side lift the whole material above the surface, thereby increase elegance of the installed element and eliminate possibly uneven surface. More than two and half meter bench can be placed separately, in pairs or threes or it can be lined up in long lines.

At the first sight simple, but sophistically produced body is cast of high quality UHPC concrete. Whole bench has a smooth, but not shiny surface and it is supplied in two shades imbued in the matter. The bench is standardly supplied unanchored.

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