public bench / contemporary / solid wood / galvanized steel
PIXEL by David Karasek, Eduard Herrmann, Matej Coufal



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  • Material:

    solid wood, galvanized steel, powder-coated steel


Imagine a playful mosaic of square modules arranged in any shape you could dream up. Symmetrical, regular, and totally irregular patterns will breathe new life into public spaces. You could experiment with the orientation of the wooden lamellas in the wood’s natural hues, or alternately go for more colourful displays. You could create simple, subtle, monochromatic forms, or you can take part in a playful game of tones, resulting in a blanket of colour you would find nowhere else. At the same time we are still talking about a functional seating element for the public space. The individual modules are supported by a central leg, and can be fitted with additional elements in order to minimise the amount of unnecessary supports. The modules function not only as just ingredient parts of bigger arrangements, but also completely independently as one-person seats. The pixel system can be customised with an array of original accessories, including backrests, tables, flowerpots and more. Galvanised powder-coated steel structure. Seats made of wooden lamellas are fitted using a unique attachment system. The basic version features underfloor anchoring; another version is available with anchoring above the ground, and a free-standing model is also available, suitable for interior use.

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