public bench / contemporary / solid wood / steel
WOODY SCORPIO by David Karasek



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    solid wood, steel

  • Options:

    with smartphone and tablet charger


While it might look like a dynamic sculpture, woody scorpio is no art for art’s sake. The attractively shaped leg is home to a solar panel which provides power to charging points along the length of the side of the bench as well as a Wi-Fi point. The panel can be adjusted to the optimal position relative to the sun, and the leg contains batteries and other advanced technology which enable its use on cloudy days and even at night. woody scorpio is available in all colour configurations of the base woody model. In addition to the standard straight model, the seat, inspired by the aesthetic of stored lumber, can be ordered in an open V shape, a flat Z, a triangle or even a square. Being able to combine the bench with the rest of the woody range and other pieces of street furniture was one of our key focuses during development, and the result shows that this goal has been achieved. The bench is equipped with an adjustable 140Wp solar panel and two double USB sockets for charging mobile devices, and also features 24-hour Wi-Fi capabilities with a range of 100 metres. Some models feature additional functions, such as a bicycle stand and a tree protector.

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