public bench / contemporary / solid wood / steel
WOODY SOLAR by David Karasek



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    solid wood, steel

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A clean design from the successful woody bench range inspired by the aesthetic of stored lumber, which now joins the smartcité collection. You no longer have to choose between technology and design when picking out a piece of furniture, as cutting edge technology here serves to expand the functionality of the well-loved and excellently designed woody benches. Ease of combination with other pieces of street furniture is guaranteed, something which is fundamental to our project. woody solar has a fully functional isolated solar system including batteries and 2x140Wp solar panels. Two USB sockets along the sides of the bench ensure simple charging, and yet more functionality comes in the form of Wi-Fi or read-outs displaying information like the temperature, humidity, and amount of CO2 in the air or the noise level of the surroundings. woody solar simply belongs in the city.

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