public bench / contemporary / wooden / galvanized steel
VERA SOLO by David Karásek & Radek Hegmon



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    wooden, galvanized steel

  • Options:


  • Market:

    for airports

  • Length:

    1,520 mm, 1,765 mm, 1,815 mm, 1,820 mm


The universal modular kit built onto the Vera bench series is designed for all typesof environments, particularly with easy access from both sides and effortless maintenance required. It is perfect for not only stations, airports, and bus terminals, but these advantageous features can also complement frequented squares or busy streets. A real bonus is the wider seat and reduction in the number of legs that highlight the pure and steadily shaped silhouette of the bench. In addition to the standard length, a double length variation and kit with arbitrarily long strips arealso available. Curved versions can be composed into a circle with a combination into an ellipse and installed for example around a grown tree.

Galvanized supporting steel frame painted with powder coating finish. The seat and backrestare made of solid wooden panels, which are subtly yet firmly attached to the supporting frame, optionally with a grid of steel or stainless rounds.

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