public bench / contemporary / wooden / steel
WOODY by David Karásek & Radek Hegmon



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    wooden, steel

  • Options:

    with backrest, modular

  • Length:

    1,000 mm, 3,000 mm


Naturalism as a principle. A bench inspired by the aesthetics of stacked timber is made from a solid grate of wooden boards securely anchored by six stainless steel screws. The massive block rests on optically subtle steel legs, as if in all its bulk it is hovering over the pavement. The bench is completely maintenance-free. The wood is left without any coating; it is impregnated only to ward off pests, and it ages naturally and beautifully. The bench is supplied in modules that can be arranged in a variety of linear or closed configurations. The straight version is supplemented with a curved variant. A special version presents a hand-painted upper surface of the seat, recalling traditional wood decoration in folk architecture. Some variants are enriched by additional features, such as bike stand or a tree grate.

Solid wood panels attached by stainless steel screws creating a load-bearing sandwich based on galvanized steel legs. The backrest consists of a single wooden board (panel) on galvanized steel beams.

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