reinforced concrete precast double wall / precast concrete / with intergrated insulation / foundation



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete, precast concrete

  • Other characteristics:

    with intergrated insulation, foundation, fire-rated, concrete floor slab


Precast Foundation complete with all longitudinal reinforcements, transverse reinforcement bars and regulators for the adjustment of the axis.
The foundation is placed directly on the terrain and brought to the correct height through the use of regulators.
These also serve to maintain the rebar lifted from the terrain where it is to be placed and assures an adequate concrete cover.
Therefore, the assembly of the precast element does not require the pouring of concrete underpinning.

Assembly Double wall - Foundation:

The way the precast foundation and the double wall are assembled is of particular interest. The wall is placed over the foundation element, from which the reinforced joints for anchoring the two elements jut out vertically.