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synthetic grass / tile / for soccer fields

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synthetic grass / tile / for soccer fields synthetic grass / tile / for soccer fields - 4NX AER EF


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    for soccer fields


4NX AER EF is a next-generation artificial turf system composed of 4NX monofilaments with a semi-concave upright structure and three asymmetrical ribs, Ecofill® Rebound technical infill, and pre-fabricated elastic underlayment in reticulated polyolefin foam. Ball control is crucial in soccer. So choose a field that combines resilience, durability and a consistent dimensional stability throughout the entire surface. By combining Mondoturf 4NX turfs with Ecofill® Rebound infill and a lightweight shock-absorbing polyolefin foam underlayment, 4NX AER EF ensures a high-performance field with optimal shock absorption and excellent fiber resilience.
Monofibre 4NX: Designed to last.
Maintaining a synthetic turf field’s performance over time means ensuring a consistent interaction between the ball and the surface, and helps to reduce the risk of injuries to athletes. That’s why MONDO designed 4NX, a monofilament that combines an exclusive shape with greater thickness for superior elastic memory. The tufts of fiber quickly return to their original position after contact with the foot, so they remain upright when the ball rolls by—maintaining long rolling and rebound times.
Ecofill® Rebound: Performance and safety.
Ecofill® Rebound technical infill is the latest generation of thermoplastic granules, designed and patented by MONDO for artificial turf sports systems. It ensures optimal resistance, durability, controlled compaction and biomechanical performance. An eco-friendly alternative to traditional post-consumer infill, it’s odorless and it reduces heat absorption.