aluminum ventilation grill / steel / square



  • Material:

    aluminum, steel

  • Shape:



Tamper resistant
Stable throw
Perforated plate grilles are designed to integrate with the wider range Monodraught grilles by being offered with 30 mm flat or 37 mm bevelled flanges.
Just like laminar flow panels, they provide a stable throw of air, creating a clean area when used for supply.
Tamper resistant: The absence of any blades and the 3 mm hole diameter guards against any tampering with the grille. Perfect for areas where children are present.
Throw: As standard Series PPG grilles provide a long linear throw, such as that used in clean rooms. However, optional deflector plates set out of site behind the perforated plate, enable 1 way, 2 way opposite and corner, 3 way and 4 way blows to be created.
Material: Perforated steel plate.
3 mm holes, staggered 5 mm pitch, 0.7 mm thickness.
Extruded aluminium frame.
Construction: Shaped perforated plate.
Frame held together using punched in steel corners.
Free are: 46%.
Mass/M sq face area: 16.5 kg.
Mass/M sq face are inc OBD: 24.5 kg.