video corpo

original design vase / crystal
CLIF 3274 by Knížák Milan



  • Style:

    original design

  • Material:



height/colours: 22 cm /8.7 inch, aquamarine, beryl, alexandrite, eldor
“My collection is based on simplicity and decency. This of course does not exclude asymmetry, surprise and intense colour variations. All these phenomena should be in balance. The size of the objects is important for me, so they go with the dimensions of the flats and tables for which they are intended. I always pay attention to the object’s functionality even though I sometimes offer a slightly different type of use. I’ve been working with design since the 1960s, and I know how all the fashion elements quickly fizzle away. Novelty and contemporaneity don’t have to be expressed in aggression and ostentation. New things may surprise us, but they must be able to settle into the historical chain that forms our values.”
hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss