video corpo

traditional vase / crystal



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limited edition: 100 pcs each
height/colours: 25 cm/9.8 inch, alexandrite underlay with rose and alexandrite underlay with blue
Two underlaid, cut vases with an engraved motif of the mythical Phoenix created by master engraver Tomáš Lesser in a limited edition of 100 vases. This is a mirrored motif on two vases, which combines a graceful, classicist shape with the unique pastel tones of Moser glass.
The mythical Phoenix, dying in the flames and emerging from the ashes, a symbol of rebirth and the indestructibility of the human spirit, has been the subject of many artistic works. To soar and fix his ideas into the structure of the glass, transformed into the infinite sky, that was the intention of the Czech engraving master Tomáš Lesser.
mouth blown from the pure unleaded ecological crystal glass
cut by hand and hand polished to a high gloss
hand engraved
the vase is signed by the engraver, marked by a limited number of series and accompanied by a certificate of origin