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modular shelf / contemporary / metal / backlit
TWIST&LIGHT by Marcello Ziliani



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Twist&Light is a spacious vertical container – ideal for books, ornaments, plants etc. It is also a powerful low-consumption Led light fitting that can illuminate and create the perfect atmosphere even in very large rooms.

In a smooth, controlled movement, five metal boxes rotate freely around the central illuminating pipe, consenting access to the content from any position; simultaneously, it allows the article to assume different shapes depending on the angle. It is a simple procedure to rearrange the containers of Twist&Light as required to suit changing functional and expressive requirements.

A number of articles rolled into one, a creation with a range of purposes and possible installations but most importantly, each and every one of them is exciting and efficacious: Twist&Light is a solid, stable, modular and spacious storage unit and is also a powerful, ecological, efficient and high quality light fitting in terms of color output and temperature.

sharing, thanks to the concept of crowd-funding, quality, design culture and top production traditions that are deeply embedded in the Flou brand.
It was essential that at the end of the 5-year study period the students would be in a position to face the design world, thanks to this unique opportunity of submitting the projects to entrepreneurs.
So I decided to check for myself how the Natevo system worked by submitting one of my own designs…
So here we are: next month the best projects from my course will be submitted for the initial selection stages of Natevo. On the other hand, my project Twist&Light is looking for sponsors…"