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roll-up industrial door / self-supporting / steel / composite



  • Opening system:

    roll-up, self-supporting

  • Material:

    steel, composite, PVC

  • Technical characteristics:

    automatic, security, high-performance, waterproof

  • Applications:

    for public buildings, for the food industry, for clean rooms

  • Other characteristics:

    rapid, interior


The combination of better insulation, easy and safe accesses and full adaptation to your processEffective flexible productivity doors also used as an emergency exitThe Emergency Exit versions of Nergeco Entrematic high-speed flexible doors are both an emergency evacuation path when needed as well as effective high-performance productivity doors for each process.Operating principle, when the door is closed, just pressing the standard "emergency open" button or anywhere on the curtain, opens the door (patented). Pressing the curtain pushes it into contact with a rear planar light barrier which detects an anomaly and triggers opening (patented).Protection: opening is also triggered in the following cases:• failure of power supply from the cabinet or the main power supply,• failure of a motor component or safety device (photoelectric cell for example),• triggering of a general alarm coupled to the cabinet.Effectiveness: in all cases, the door clears the whole of the floor surface up to the maximum height without any component remaining suspended across the access, and remains open until reset by your authorised personnel using a special key.Reliability: if triggered in the absence of a power supply, a counterweight is released which opens the door under natural gravity, without the use of a backup battery which is given to ageing.