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radiant raised access floor / calcium sulfate / ceramic / indoor



  • Material:

    calcium sulfate, ceramic

  • Technical characteristics:


  • Location:



Diffuse is a dry radiant raised floor completely accessible which does not require any cement screed for the thermal regulation of the environment where it is installed.

It is lightweight, fast and easy to install, can be immediately walked on and has a very low thermal inertia. This latter feature , due to the reduced mass of dry systems, makes Diffuse very suitable for installation in areas where a quick response is needed both for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

The innovative radiant raised floor Diffuse by Nesite was developed in collaboration with FloorTech – a leader in the radiant systems industry – and designed to optimize the highest thermal efficiency, without sacrificing the characteristics that a raised floor must ensure, that is, its complete and easy accessibility that gives the highest flexibility to the rooms where it is used.