modular shelf / contemporary / wood veneer / with storage compartment
HIDDEN by Erik Jansen



  • Type:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    wood veneer

  • Options:

    with storage compartment, for CDs, for DVDs


The designer on the Hidden design bookcase
The Hidden is a smart design that exhudes tranquility and calm. Objects can be entirely concealed from view or can be displayed in a subtle way. The Hidden design bookcase is constructed from oak veneer on MDF and finished with 2 component oil. The bookcase is available as standard in the colour Mist. The shelves are delivered as standard in the colour Charcoal. The Hidden is available in two sizes; one that is more suitable for books or DVDs and another that’s perfect for larger books and folders (Hidden XL).
Design bookcase Hidden
When you look at the design of this bookcase what strikes you immediately is its balance and solidity. There is a simple tranquillity in the different ways that you can use this bookcase, influenced by the neutral style of the closed bookcase and the neutral colours.

The height of this bookcase means that it can find a place in almost every home and generally won’t touch the ceiling. This bookcase remains an independent element in the room. One of the major benefits of this design is that you can decide how you want to use the storage space. You can define the space between and the number of bookcases you need to best fulfill your storage and display requirements.

Alongside this it’s always a good idea to consider precisely what it is you would like to store in your bookcase. A Hidden bookcase is suitable for smaller books but does not offer sufficient space for larger books and folders for example. If you would like to use your Hidden to store larger items you can better choose the Hidden XL bookcase