sidewalk edge / street gutter / granite / linear



  • Type:

    sidewalk, street gutter

  • Material:


  • Shape:

    linear, rectangular, curved, high, round, vertical


Granite kerbs are produced from blocks of stone. They are divided into various types according to the processing of the head and external sides, mainly by: careful hammering on sawn surfaces or on split tops. kerbs can be produced with different curvature radii or with cuts (vents) used for water drainage.
When laid vertically kerbs are used for the formation of pavements, flower beds and for the delimitation of paved areas. When used as risers to connect various walking surfaces along stairways the aesthetic result that is obtained is enhanced by the contemporary functional significance that facilitates vision when changing levels, with huge strong points for pedestrians.
They can be combined with other products of the same material or associated with other stones, thereby allowing considerable freedom for decisions regarding aesthetic aspects.