heat-recovery ventilation unit / single-flow / residential / for homes



  • Type:

    heat-recovery, single-flow

  • Sector:


  • Applications:

    for homes

  • Options:


  • Air flow:

    30 m³/h, 60 m³/h (1,059.4 ft³/h)


Aerator with heat recovery with efficiency up to 90%.
Ideal for domestic applications and suitable for single room installation.
Long life and high quality materials with an elegant design.
Equipped with automatic shutter which prevents undesired external entry while turned off.
Ceramic heat exchanger with performance up to 93%.
Silent running.
Condensation drainage is not necessary.
Brushless motor, high performance, low energy consumption.
Equipped with G3 filters both for inlet ad outlet.
Easy cleaning and maintenance.
Possible to move ON/OFF and speed selection switches on the wall.
For ducts 100 and 160 mm.
Adjustable duct, from a 250 to 400 mm length. Maximum length of the duct is 3 m (2,5 m in case of 90° curve).
Indicator light for functions.
Adjustable speed in terms of air flow through dedicated accessories: remote control or remote panel (optional).
Available in 3 versions: CERAM (base version) - CERAM ACTIVE (wiring connection) - CERAM WIRELESS (wireless connection).

Tempero Eco Ceram has been projected to be installed in the main premises of the house (living room, bedroom, ...). Eco Ceram base version can be installed as one unit even if the highest efficiency can be reached by installing two units. By selecting Eco Ceram Active and/or Eco Ceram Wireless versions in fact, thanks to the technology of synchronization, two or more products communicating each others can be installed.