commercial oven / convection / steam / built-in



  • Sector:


  • Type:

    convection, steam

  • Other characteristics:


  • Depth:

    Min.: 600 mm

    600 mm


Steam, convection & combination Oven

The combination of heat and steam in one single appliance, offers you new possibilities in the professional preparation of food. The food is cooked very gently, which provides much healthier and nutritious meals. It covers 95% of all the usual cooking applications.

Only the results count
It is simple, cooks delicious and healthy food with low costs.
In the past, chefs used to need special appliances like convection ovens, tilting pans, boilers, deep-fryers, steamers, pots or frying pans along with a lot of time and effort to prepare a good meal. The new OGRXS is currently the only appliance with which any kitchen can whip up a complete menu.

between 30-130 °C
Stewing, poaching, blanching and steaming – our high-performance steam generator does all of that. Whether it is vegetables, fish or egg dishes, you will achieve strong colours thanks to the precise steam temperatures and maximum steam saturation. The vitamins and minerals are preserved.

between 30-300 °C
Delicate fillets, crispy chops, grilled steaks, soft baked goods – thanks to sustained convection up to 300 °C, everything is prepared with consistency, crispiness and juiciness.

Combination of steam and convection air
between 30-300 °C
The hot and humid climate prevents the food from drying out, minimises weight loss and ensures an even browning of roasted joints, gratins or bakes. You will achieve a special culinary experience and the cooking times are much shorter than with conventional cooking appliances.