decorative coating / indoor / for walls / lime

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decorative coating / indoor / for walls / lime decorative coating / indoor / for walls / lime - COCCIO DESIGN


  • Function:


  • Location:


  • Type of support:

    for walls

  • Component:

    lime, natural

  • Appearance:

    concrete look

  • Finish:


  • Options:

    ecological, anti-mold, low-VOC, low-odor, antibacterial


The very special "marble effect" of COCCIO CEMENTO by OIKOS allows the recreation of ancient decorative effects using only natural materials. The use of COCCIO CEMENTO by OIKOS guarantees maximum vapour permeability of the wall and aids the natural diffusion of humidity through the substrate, therefore avoiding the formation, over time, of mould and bacteria. The product's natural composition, based on lime putty and granules of terracotta/stone, make it particularly adapt for decoration in an antique style. It has a low odour level, is non inflammable and friendly to both humans and the environment.

Ideal Use
Decoration of interior walls and furnishings.

Surface Preparation
Clean the surface to be coated, removing any loose or flaking material and apply a coat of the primer IL PRIMER by Oikos to insure perfect surface adhesion.

Application Method
To achieve the perfect finish, apply the product in three coats using an inox steel trowel by OIKOS.
First Coat: screed the surface with COCCIO DESIGN without breaking the granules. Wait 6÷8 hours until dry.
Second Coat: Apply the product on a portion of the surface, proceeding straight away to break the granules using the trowel tilted on its blade and at the same time removing any excess material. Repeat this procedure until the whole surface has been covered. Wait 6÷8 hours until dry.