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clinker cladding brick / for facade



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    for facade


Of course, a cavity wall with a brick façade built in front is the best option for new buildings. If, however, this kind of construction isn't possible in individual cases, thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS) have been established as an alternative. This combination, consisting of backing masonry and an insulating layer is also applied in façade restorations and requires a high-grade exterior protective layer that primarily protects the sensitive insulation from external influences.

OLFRY produces clinker strips for this application. The thin bricks and clinkers are simply stuck onto the insulation and then joined. Because they are fired at over 1,100 °C like normal bricks, they have the same properties. Their play of colours is real, they can be combined individually and provide a healthy living climate thanks to their natural origin.

What makes the strips particularly predestined as an exterior protective layer for ETICS is their exceptional robustness: Just like a pre-built clinker façade, they are frost-resistant, provide durable protection against wind and weather, dependably prevent algae growth or damage caused by woodpeckers - without chemical treatment, and are virtually maintenance-free compared to plaster façades. In short: OLFRY's clinker strips are practically indestructible thereby ensuring the value retention of your house for years to come. An investment that is beautiful to look at.

Virtually all our brick and clinker types are available as standard strips. Depending on the application, certain particulars are to be observed, which our clinker specialists are happy to explain to you. Simply arrange an expert consultation!