traditional wallpaper / vegetal fiber / patterned / color



  • Style:


  • Material:

    vegetal fiber

  • Motif:


  • Color:


  • Options:

    non-woven, FSC ecolabel, in recycled fibers


The collection Nomad of Omexco invites you to travel throughout the world from season to season, crossing natural and colourful equatorial forests, blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, golden deserts, earthy and burgundy tundra, silent and white siberian taiga.Waterlily leaves are woven in lively and generous colours: emerald green, yellow gold, wine-red, turquoise, frozen white, lustrous chestnut and ebony, Baikal charoite. The matching non-woven wallcoverings sometimes evoke arid textures of dry earth, swept by gusts of wind. Sometimes, smoother and enhanced with metallic effects, they reflect the light of new landscapes arising at the horizon before the eyes of the marvelling nomad, and suddenly the red, gold, lapis lazuli shades... sparkle with light.Unspoiled nature has inspired this collection. Being environmentally-conscious, Omexco contributes to preserve this precious nature for the next generations, by selecting an ecological non-woven wallcovering for the collection Nomad, which is FSC® certified (licence code C001706), made with recycled fibres, printed thanks to solar energy with water-based, solvent-free colours.

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