float glass glass panel / patterned / for interior / etched



  • Type:

    float glass

  • Appearance:


  • Applications:

    for interior

  • Other characteristics:

    etched, scratch-resistant, translucent


Architects and designers are ever-increasingly committed to creating high-quality accommodation, working and leisure areas. Together with the aesthetic and functional aspects, the attention paid to the wellbeing of the customer or worker is the key element of design in the world of hotels, offices,commercial and public areas in general.

OmniDecor product families are able to meet the different requests for contract glass, offering a broad range of solutions for furnishing and decorating with glass. There is no limit to the use of our etched, coloured and decorative glass: cladding, partitions, flooring, stairs, balustrades and many other creations, including personalized installations.

Glass is a decorative, sturdy, durable and, last but not least, hygienic material. This is why it is often chosen for public places such as airports, shopping malls, cruise ships, hotels, restaurants, offices and shops.