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roof waterproofing membrane / double-layer / bituminous



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    for roofs

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ONDUTISS® roofing underlays have the solution adapted to every type of roofs.
- decrease of heat losses
- improved energy savings
- control over condensation
- protection of insulation layer
- more effective ventilation system
- enhanced thermal stability
- improved lifespan of the building

ONDUTISS® AIR: a range of multi-layer vapour permeable and water-proof membranes, it provides outstanding protection of the insulation layer against moisture, wind and condensation.

ONDUTISS® STRONG: a polymer bitumen membrane designed to protect roofs and attics, it combines high-temperature sealing performance with flexibility at low temperatures, offering excellent stress and mechanical resistance.

ONDUTISS® CROSS: a two-layer PP and PE foil, it is designed to protect roofing structures against exterior moisture and wind.

ONDUTISS® COLD: range of micro-perforated PE foils designed to protect roofing structures against exterior moisture and wind.

ONDUTISS® WIND: made of a double-layer of PP, it is a wind-barrier vapour-permeable membrance taht offers ideal protection against precipitation and uncontrolled air flows.

ONDUTISS® BARRIER: this range of vapour-proof foils, made of reinforced PE, provides reliable, long-lasting protection against vapour coming from inside the building in frame structures of roofs, ceilings and walls.

ONDUTISS® BARRIER REFLEX: a range of reflective vapour-proof foils made of reinforced PE with aluminium coating, it is designed to protect the insulation layer from interior capour while preventing heat loss.

ONDUTISS® BUILD: a single-layer PE vapour-barrier foil for construction, it is designed for various types of applications.