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Thanks to a set of prefabricated elements coordinated with each other, Ventilcover allows to realize easily isolated and ventilated roofs on flat continuous structures of any kind.

A series of telescopie supports, adjustable in height according to the required slopes, is fixed to the structure by Rawlplugs. Above them is placed the supporting structure, made up of metal sections with omega section.

On the so prepared structure is then applied the roofing in Coverib multilayer protected steel sheets. The outer metal gutters collect and dispose the water.

Specific sheet metal closures ensures air circulation in the volume under the pitch.

Ventilcover is applicable both on new facilities and tor the recovery of damaged flat roofs. Designed according to current ltalian regulations on overloading, has a calculation report under the DM 14.01.2008 and certification of mechanical resistance (ISTEDIL, Rome).

The version with the load distributor, allows also to intervene on structures that do not have an homogeneous resistance to overloads.

The constant ventilation of the empty gap allows the extraction of the air overheated by the summer solar radiation. Conversely, the simple but effective placement of the insulating material on the supporting structure allows you to limit heat loss in winter, resulting in significant energy savings.
In any condition, therefore, Ventilcover optimizes the thermal control of any type of buildings with flat roof, with remarkable benefits for the comfort of the rooms below.