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All Original Murano Glass s.n.c. products

Sail Boats Collections Murano Glass

Sbruffy Collection Vases

Gold Collection Vases

Vases Flames and Faces

Vase Collection with Cannes, Reeds, Stripped

Lovers & Dancers Sculptures Collection

Clowns Collection - Murano Glass

Horses, Bulls and more Animals Collection

gold sculpture
gold sculpture EXCLUSIVE BULL
Murano glass
indicative price *

Birds Collection

Fish and Marine Animals

Murano glass sculpture
Murano glass sculpture PENGUIN
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Murano glass sculpture
Murano glass sculpture SALMON
indicative price *

Made with Glass and Chalcedony

Wine & Flute Glasses Collection

Carafes, Jugs, Pitchers & Decanters

Trefuochi Collection Glassware

Table lamps

Pendant Lights, Hanging Suspension Lamps

Table Mirrors Collection