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All Original Murano Glass s.n.c. products

Vases Collection with Millefiori Murrina

Exclusive vases

Sculpture Collection

Sail Boats Collections Murano Glass

Gold Collection Vases

Vases Flames and Faces

Vase Collection with Cannes, Reeds, Stripped

Lovers & Dancers Sculptures Collection

Heads and Faces Collection - Glass Sculptures Picasso

Clowns Collection - Murano Glass

Horses, Bulls and more Animals Collection

Birds Collection

Fish and Marine Animals

Made with Glass and Chalcedony

Murano glass sculpture
Murano glass sculpture ABYSS
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Wine & Flute Glasses Collection

Carafes, Jugs, Pitchers & Decanters

Trefuochi Collection Glassware

Pendant Lights, Hanging Suspension Lamps

Table Mirrors Collection