wooden furniture handle / by Rodolfo Dordoni
MN 1110 L T-BONE



  • Material:


  • Designer:

    by Rodolfo Dordoni


the collection that began a new chapter in the history of furniture handles by designers of international fame such as Rodolfo Dordoni, James Irvine, Jasper Morrison and Björn Dahlstrom, who have contributed to the evolution of this object. Handles that are not just practical to grip, but also ornamental, maybe even mysterious. They should be set on doors, like tiepins on the collar of a jacket. Certainly not anonymous, but signature pieces, with an important role that transforms and accentuates them. The task within this turning point in different design attitudes took place using a wide range of materials, from the classic zamak, to wood and brass, as well as Murano glass, proposing innovative shapes with a design making it the centrepiece of the furniture, just like fashion accessories.