amorphous silicon PV panel / colored / for roofs / black
N300 (VBHN300SJ46)



  • Technology:

    amorphous silicon

  • Options:


  • Other characteristics:

    for roofs, black, with aluminum frame

  • Peak power:

    295 W


The Panasonic HIT N300 is the solar panel that combines a compact size (less than 150cm long) with high power, 300W. It allows more rows of panels on many roofs and thus increases the output power of the roof.

This solar panel is made using the same heterojunction technology as all the other Panasonic HIT(R) and reaches high levels of efficiency (19.5%) and performance at high temperatures.

The frame is anodized and black, with corner water drainage to keep your solar panels cleaner all year long and give a monochrome, appealing appearance for the solar system on your roof.