commercial greenhouse / commercial production / multi span / aluminum frame



  • Market:


  • Type:

    commercial production

  • Form:

    multi span

  • Material:

    aluminum frame

  • Other characteristic:

    with gutter


Paul Boers has many years of experience as greenhouse manufacturers. This has allowed the “Herculon” gutter connect greenhouse to continuously be developed and improved. Our gutter connect greenhouses have been engineered over the years to be the most optimal choice for progressive growers.

By putting steel where it counts, growers are given a long lasting growing environment, with the most optimal sunlight penetration. The curve of the roof arch profile has made the “Herculon” a virtually “drip free” gutter connect greenhouse.

Unsurpassed for versatility, reliability and cost effectiveness, we will personally guarantee that growers with a long range plan for the future, will be setup for success with our “Herculon” gutter connect greenhouses.