lighting management software / monitoring / for building automation / for home automation systems



  • Type:

    lighting management, monitoring

  • Applications:

    for building automation, for home automation systems, for video door IP intercoms


The YOUVI software package Basic enables the reliable control of all basic tasks of your KNX Smart Home. Convenient operation and outstanding appearance: The all-round package for your Smart Home consists of an appealing visualization, a bus monitor and IP router software. With YOUVI, reliable KNX building control is guaranteed without you having to access an external server or IP router! The Camera Module for YOUVI helps you to keep an eye on your surveillance cameras. Home control by voice command or on the go via App is possible with our YOUVI Connect Module.

YOUVI: Smart All-in-One Solution for an Intelligent Home

The YOUVI software package guarantees easy handling with maximum functionality: You get three functions (visualization, IP router and bus monitor) in one software package. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of your reliable KNX Smart Home control! In combination with our touch panels, Controlpro or Controlmini, YOUVI becomes the complete solution for your KNX home control.

YOUVI components at a glance

YOUVI Visu: The KNX visualization of your Smart Home is created with YOUVI Visu by an ETS import directly from the ETS project structure. This allows the system integrator to save a lot of time during the implementation of your building automation project. The user interface can then be edited as desired by drag & drop. With YOUVI Visu, the states of the following devices (clearly arranged by floor and room) are displayed and controlled:
sockets and switchable devices
roller shutters
RGB luminaires