contemporary ceiling light / round / plastic / LED
CHAINS by Sylvain Willenz



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CHAINS is a versatile lighting system infused with nature; its shape is reminiscent of a ribbed shell. No matter the position of the electrical outlet, CHAINS can freely occupy any space and in doing so, adopts the appearance of a cascade of lights.

Available as a single unit (individually or grouped by three on the same outlet) or in triple version (individually or grouped by three on the same outlet).

Whether in groups of singles or triples, the CHAINS can be installed in long vertical arrangement, short groups at the same level, or randomly spread across the room using extra fixing points. The possibilities are numerous.

" The CHAINS collection is inspired both by nature and the magic of the lighting garland. From a single lamp, to grouped multiples lamps, CHAINS responds to a variety of applications, from residential to more architectural usages ." Sylvain Willenz