calcium sulfate raised access floor / indoor



  • Material:

    calcium sulfate

  • Location:



Tongue and groove system is ideal in those situation where the advantages of both raised and traditional floors are asked. All that in a short execution time. Calcium sulphate panels (600x600 mm and 32 mm thickness) are installed upon the pedestals and glued together thanks to tongue and groove system. This way we can create a real floor slab. Depending on the project specifications it is possible to reach a finish floor level up to 120 cm. In order to get access to subfloor plants, we use inspection hatches located in specific areas of the raised floor. After installing the Petral Tongue & Groove system we will have the maximum freedom to lay any kind of top finish, with the same method of a traditional laid floor. PETRAL system is particularly suitable for renovations, and can be used in a wide range of environments: not only for office purpose but also in buildings for commercial and residential use.