contemporary chair / with armrests / customizable / waterproof



  • Style:


  • Options:

    with armrests, customizable, waterproof

  • Material:


  • Location:


  • Market:

    for public spaces, contract, for special events, multimedia, for public buildings, for hotel, for restaurants, for industrial use, for shops, for the Learning Sector, for school, for beauty salons, terminal, for bar, for playgrounds, for healthcare facilities, for theaters, for library, kindergarten

  • Color:

    customizable color


Armchair made with sheet metal shaped as the famous pictograms man and women:
the simple black shapes that help us to orientate into airports, train stations and public places.
Those famous silhouettes has been folded and literally deformed by the designer to accomodate
the bodies of the person that normally they simply represent.
Black color, the sum of all colors, has been substituted in its neutrality by saturated and brilliant color.
Designed as sculpture where it is possible to sit, they are ideal for edged places and for open spaces.
Mà&Bà would love to find their place into city public areas.

Weight: 18 Kg
The product can be completely personalized in terms of color and type of refinishing
The design is patented into the UAMI.

Venice, 16. Biennale fair of Architetture, San Marino republic pavilion.
URBAN COLORS, theme focused on the relationship between architecture and the
urban habitat with particular attention to color aspect, often absent or arbitrarily
used into modern architecture.