limestone wall cladding / indoor / outdoor / 3D
INTRECCIO by De-signum Studio Lab



  • Material:


  • Location:

    indoor, outdoor

  • Finish:

    3D, natural finish

  • Color:


  • Aspect:

    stone look

  • Options:



Pimar ancient natural limestone interacts with contemporary style, adding value, meaning and completeness. With results that only the Italian skills can reach, the facades made of Pimar natural limestone represent an architecture of great beauty and charm that goes beyond the fashion trends. Hotels, villas, castles and skyscrapers enhance their personality through a stone perfectly able to interpret their soul. The pale yellow Pimar limestone is an elegant solution for prestigious claddings. Pimar Ionian Coral Stone is perfect for rural floors Pimar Brasiliano limestone has a spectacular variety of colours and hints that make the creations unique.