plain curtain / stainless steel

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plain curtain / stainless steel plain curtain / stainless steel


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    stainless steel


SOLIDAY OUTDOOR CURTAINS the modern shade solution!

When it comes to architecture with clear, straight lines, soft and
flowing shapes are being used more and more to highlight facades
and outdoor design elements. In this regard, SOLIDAY outdoor
curtains represent an innovative and eye-catching option.
A stylish and modern shade solution, they also serve as an
outstanding method of privacy protection.

Hanging Technique


In this instance, a transparent curtain ribbon (with integrated
curtain loops) is sewn onto the reverse of the upper edge.
In combination with a weighted band manufactured into the
bottom hem, the material is able to flow. So, instead of
traditional awnings or blinds, a soft exterior curtain can
now play gently in the breeze.

Hanging Technique STEEL CABLE

With this variant, the upper edge of the outdoor curtain features
high-quality eyelets made of stainless steel. The eyelets are
25 cm apart and provide sturdy suspension from the cable.
The cable is put under tension by means of a turnbuckle,
thus providing very stable suspension.