handicapped lifting platform / for domestic use / indoor



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    handicapped, for domestic use

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This British Style Cabin Lift is an ideal access solution for both public and private buildings. It’s low speed lift is ideal for low-rise, low-usage applications.

They have the same benefits as traditional platform lifts with low pits and headrooms and in addition, all the characteristics of a conventional passenger lift including sliding doors and one touch controls. They can be used in a variety of building applications including public and private housing, retail stores, offices, schools and public access. In keeping with the Machinery Directive, the speed is limited to 0.15m/s and the drive system designed for moderate use. The lifts can be customised with a range of finishes and options, enabling the lift to complement your building interior.

Lifts such as these are becoming increasingly popular – minimal builders work and ease of installation ensure effortless integration into any building. An alternative to both a passenger lift or platform lift, this lift offers an affordable solution for most building applications, particularly where space is limited.