electric heating stove / traditional / steel / stone



  • Power source:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    steel, stone

  • Other characteristics:

    for sauna

  • Heat output:

    6,800 W, 8,800 W (23,202.55 BTU/h)


Harvia Figaro brings something completely new into a family sauna. This stove combines traditional materials, steel and stone in a modern design. It contains a large amount of stones (up to 90 kg) for comfortable, moist sauna. The high stone space is open from the bottom up for easy pouring of water and ensure a uniform and pleasant heat in the sauna, even on the lower benches. Figaro is a heater with a ground back to the wall. Orders placed down on the front of the stove.
The casing of the stove is painted. The grid covering the stone space is made of stainless steel. LeFigaro has an integrated control unit