polypropylene drainage board / for green roofs / made from recycled materials

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polypropylene drainage board polypropylene drainage board - DRAIN FLOOR


  • Material:


  • Applications:

    for green roofs

  • Other characteristics:

    made from recycled materials


DRAIN FLOOR is the only element capable of satisfying the two aspects which are essential for a roof garden: tak­ing care of irrigation and maintaining the roots. For these functions the unit is fitted with 26 containers of water per square metre, which also serve as support bases, and 144 holes / m² that allow ex­cess water to drain away and a sufficient water supply, ensuring optimal vegetative growth.

The special shape of «DRAIN FLOOR» makes it possible to create a 6cm air chamber to separate the waterproof mem­brane, thereby making it more durable.

At the top there are imprinted arrows indicating the starting side. The elements are equipped with an interlocking system in order to speed up the laying process.

The choice to use a circular crown on the «DRAIN FLOOR» holes was dictated by the need to achieve the best possible water regime below the planting layer. Firstly it encourages and anticipates the filling of tanks in the event of light water­ing and / or low rainfall.

The polypropylene from which «DRAIN FLOOR» is made is completely impervious to attack from fertilizers and disin­fectants.

«DRAIN FLOOR» is highly resistant to compression, and can support a heavy layer of soil, also allowing the transit of small machines for the preparation of the soil. «DRAIN FLOOR» is 40cm thick, and can bear the transit of small vehicles.

Installation is carried out directly onto the waterproofing layer, as there is no fear of causing damage to it; in fact, the sup­port bases of «DRAIN FLOOR» are smooth and have a surface that does not interfere with the integrity of the layer of water­proof sealing.