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home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings / compact

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home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings / compact home air handling unit / indoor / for ceilings / compact - UAP 200-PDC


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    indoor, compact, for ceilings


Primary air handling unit with high-efficiency heat recovery (~90%) for ventilation, summer dehumidification and integration for additional sensible heating and cooling (operating as a heat pump). R134a refrigerant. It uses the outside air only, and it is equipped with a by-pass connection for the free-cooling function (NTC probe placed in the outdoor air intake duct). UAP 200-PDC with G4 filters consists in three separate modules, two fan units and one recovery/handling unit, which can be installed close together or in different positions to make installation easier and to optimise the available space. The high-efficiency counter-current heat exchanger (~90%) is situated in the exhaust air duct. The intake air ductwork from outside is connected to the fan section, while the exhausted air ductwork typically from wet rooms (e.g. bathroom and kitchen) is connected to the recovery/handling unit. UAP 200-PDC can be controlled independently (with the TH Controller user terminal), by an external device (via digital input) or through WI electronic controller.

-Horizontal installation in false ceilings
- Air flow-rate from 100 to 200 m3/h
- Fresh air flow-rate with boost function 200 m3/h
- Fresh air with high-efficiency heat recovery (~90%)
- Air ducts can be installed on 2 opposite sides of the unit
- Dehumidification capacity (35 °C RH 50% EXT - 26 °C RH 65% INT) with flow-rate of 200 m3/h: 38.7 l/24h
- Max power consumption 460 W
- Nominal water flow-rate (at 15 °C) 240 l/h
- Nominal pressure drop of the hydraulic circuit 14 kPa
- Fan available pressure with air flow-rate of 200 m3/h: 300 Pa
- Additional sensible cooling up to 750 W

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