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heat-recovery ventilation unit / residential / for homes
CHR 200-FC

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heat-recovery ventilation unit / residential / for homes heat-recovery ventilation unit / residential / for homes - CHR 200-FC


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  • Applications:

    for homes

  • Air flow:

    200 m³/h (7,062.9 ft³/h)


The CHR 200-FC mechanical ventilation unit includes a high efficiency counter-flow heat exchanger made of PPE (>90%). The housing, internally insulated, is made of galvanised sheet metal and it contains two centrifugal fans, one supply fan and one extract fan, equipped with EC motor, operating at constant air flow and ensuring reduced energy consumption. CHR 200-FC is designed for horizontal false ceiling installation in smalland medium-sized residential buildings, either single-detached dwellings or in block of flats. The unit is also equipped with a M5 filter (with G3 pre-filter) on the air supply line, and a G4 filter on the extract line, which ensure the right protection of the heat exchanger and offer the excellent filtration of the new air introduced into the room. The CHR 200-FC mechanical ventilation unit is provided with by-pass connection for the free-cooling function and 4 NTC sensors to detect air temperature in the air inlets and outlets. Defrost function and dirty filter alarm included. All operations (ventilation, boost, economy mode, free-cooling) can be controlled by an external device (via digital input) and a suitable control panel or through WI electronic controller (via ModBus). The CHR 200-FC unit can be combined with the DWF 200 dehumidification module in order to obtain fresh air ventilation and humidity control in the summertime.
• Horizontal false ceiling installation
• Residential application
• Nominal air flow 200 m³/h with 200 Pa (250 m3/h boost)
• Max. power consumption 260 W
• Specific absorbed power with 175 m3/h and 50 Pa: 0.309 W/(m3/h)
• Heat recovery efficiency >90%

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