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reinforced concrete girder / for flooring / precast



  • Material:

    reinforced concrete

  • Applications:

    for flooring

  • Other characteristics:



RECTOR, precursor solution for joist floors installed without propping.
Manufactured according to an original and innovative pouring process that is certified in each production plant, the RECTOR joists offer a high level of resistance. Their quality is checked at each stage of manufacture. They were left to harden during the optimum period for concrete. The entire range of RECTOR joists is CSTBât-certified.

Erection without props: a guarantee of quality
The operation of propping and more particularly, the removal of props is particularly difficult in the underfloor space. RECTOR is therefore offering for many years a range of joists that do not require propping. In addition, workers at the site benefit from improved safety, especially at the time of pouring the concrete.