rubber sports flooring / polyurethane / for outdoor use / athletics



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    rubber, polyurethane

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    for outdoor use

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is rolled out on site and accurately put in place manually. Due to its weight the rolls lay flat. There is also the option of permanently bonding Regupol® Rolldown Runway onto an engineered sub base such as asphalt or concrete.

Regupol® Rolldown Runway offers an ideal surface for running even if laid on worn sub-base.

Regupol® Rolldown Runway can easily be rolled out and taken up as required. The rolls can also permanently be glued onto a bound sub base.

Technical Details

MaterialFully prefabricated Regupol® roll material made from PUR bonded crumb rubber and rubber granules.
Type of InstallationPrefabricated rolls must be rolled out. The material is subject to a co-efficient of shrinkage and/or expansion when loose laid so Regupol® Rolldown Runway is typically not laid in roll on roll but individually to create a single runway equal to the width of one roll. Regupol® Rolldown Runway can also be fully bonded to an engineered sub base such as asphalt or concrete.
Sub-BaseExisting track and other existing synthetic sports surfaces, cinder tracks, asphalt or concrete.
DimensionsRoll-width: 1,250 mm, Roll-lengths are variable between 20 and 50 linear meters. Standard thickness: 10 mm and 12 mm, other thicknesses on special request.
PropertiesUV-resistan, durable under all weather conditions, waterpermeable when loose laid, spike resistant in 12 mm thickness.
Performance LevelTraining at school and club level, institutional competition.