heated holding cabinet

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heated holding cabinet heated holding cabinet - HOLDOMAT 411


The holdomat designated 411 is ideal for keeping food in perfect quality even several hours after cooking. In it, you can also cook at lower temperatures (e.g. overnight). The holdomat features the Delta-T cooking function. Optional accessories include a temperature probe, thanks to which you can control the cooking or holding process based on the core temperature of the food product. This brings immediate savings in a number of ways – higher yield of raw materials, decrease in operating costs and electricity consumption and saving time for the kitchen staff. The holdomat 411 has a clear OLED display and capacity of 4x GN 1/1 (depth65 mm) or 2x GN 1/1 (depth 100 mm). The GN dimension is GN 1/1 (530x325 mm)

Temperature core probe (optional)
Big and synoptic OLED display
Holds meat and fish at precise temperature for several hours
Excellent final quality of the product
Less waste thanks to slow cooking
100% Swiss quality
Easy service
Simple maintenance
Option to reach temperatures as high as 120 ° C
Highly accurate heat probe with +/- 2 ° C sensitivity
Easily portable appliance needing only following power supply: 1N~/220 V/50 – 60 Hz/10 A
Minimal energy use - 300 – 400 W (stabilized input