wall-mounted shelf / contemporary / composite / bathroom
HOLE by Susanna Mandelli



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To collect it from a well to enjoy its pleasure and benefits: water is the main actor in the bathroom

This collection is born from the idea to revisit the concept of the well, old guardian of the water, in contemporary way. Over counter and freestanding washbasins in white Korakril™ have cylindrical shape with contrasting black color inside; the matched boxes remind the classical shape of the tub, preferring the clearness of shape.

Are part of the collection the elliptical bathtub, 170×170 cm, with rounded edge, projected for smaller rooms where it can be installed both in center of the space and close to the wall; round bathtub with diameter 150 or 170 cm, with integrated mixers, perfect for big bathroom; mirrors, laundry baskets and wall units, all with round shape. Steel mixers, floor or wall installed, or integrated , its itself part of the furnishings.