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zinc cladding / textured / panel / shingle



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    panel, shingle


The group of RHEINZINK small-format tiles is made up of square and diamond tiles. Design solutions can even be found for buildings with complicated geometries thanks to the small size of the individual components. Traditional cladding of gables, roof dormers, chimney stacks or roof edges with these small tiles presents no problem.

The diamond and square tile has been taken one stage further to create the RHEINZINK-Flat Lock Tile. Characterised by a huge visual area / covering surface, it is mainly used for large areas of facade. These tiles offer designers tremendous scope for structuring buildings as they can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally in various widths. Variable joint staggering also opens up a wealth of options for designers. Complex structures with convex and concave geometries are equally feasible here.