multi-fuel heating stove / contemporary / steel / stone



  • Power source:


  • Style:


  • Material:

    steel, stone

  • Heat output:

    Max.: 10,000 W (34,121.4 BTU/h)

    Min.: 3,000 W (10,236.42 BTU/h)


The dual heating system.
Look forward to blissful warmth and perfect convenience with the new RIKA combi stove. A valuable addition to modern living, which always supplies cosy warmth whether you want to heat with pellets or with logs.

Two stoves in one! The innovative, fully automatic, fuel recognition system allows heating with logs and pellets.
Control your stove intuitively and clearly with the integral touch display!

The Rikatronic provides your stove with a "brain" that takes control of regulating stove air flow ideally for you. Furthermore, the intelligent control unit indicates the best time to add more fuel.