straight staircase / quarter-turn / half-turn / steel frame



  • Type::

    straight, quarter-turn, half-turn

  • Structure:

    steel frame

  • Steps:

    wooden steps, glass steps

  • Riser:

    without risers

  • Style:


  • Options:

    lateral stringer, free-standing, metal railing, glass railing, integrated LED

  • Market:

    home, for public spaces


Recta is a free-standing steel staircase made entirely according to the specific technical and aesthetic demands of the Customer. The design flexibility and the ability to choose materials and finishes offer maximum freedom to play with styles and combine different options for an end result that is new all the time.

Linear design
One of the elements that best defines the character of the project is the design of the stringer. The band shape makes Recta an iron staircase that looks both rigorous and contemporary, characterized by continuous and clean lines that blend in perfectly with any environment, whether it is a private house or a public space.

Available both as a single and as a double structure
The profile of Recta takes on a decidedly different structure in the single version. The absence of the stringer on the inner side of the staircase allows you to better appreciate the shape of the steps and the railing, creating a free-standing staircase that simulates fully the suspended effect without however compromising stability and safety.

Great freedom in the choice of materials
The steps can be made of finger joint, 4 cm thick solid beech wood or with more exclusive materials: glass, stone or other material chosen by the Customer.

Various step anchoring options
Great attention has been paid to the hardware to anchor the wooden steps, both for the structural function they have and for the aesthetic impact they give the entire staircase. Because of this, the Customer has the possibility to choose between three anchoring options that allow them to create free-standing stairs with a decidedly different look.