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The hot cupboards HVC 60 GN is a real ventilated foodwarmer with double insulated walls to warm quickly and keep warm (130°C) empty plates or garnished food preparation in GN container, without cutting the warm chain. Water tray for humidity control.
Features: stainless steel interior, thermostat 130°C, motor-ventilator for a perfect spread of the heat, double insulated walls and roof magnetic door closing. Delivered with 3 grids, without any GN container. Enameled tray. Adjustable shelves. 4 wheels with brake systems.
The ventilated foodwarmer HVC 60 GN can be also used as hot cupboard for empty plates:
HVC 60 GN = 60 plates Ø 34 cm or 3 GN 2/3 or 3 grids 330 x 345 mm.

Power : 1.5 kw
External dimensions : 425 x 460 x 925 mm
Interior Dimensions : 345 x 375 x 730 mm
Weight : 30 kg
Volts : 230 v

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