limestone stone slab / brushed / bush hammered / sandblasted



  • Rock type:


  • Finish:

    brushed, bush hammered, sandblasted, matte, aged

  • Applications:

    for exterior flooring, for facade, cladding, for walls, for building

  • Color:

    beige, yellow


Cross Cut Honed Albamiel has no veins. It is used for Facade Cladding as well as for the production of decorative elements such as balustrades, columns, and pavements.
It’s cream color and thin pore, both very uniform, have made this a very used sandstone in all types of works: residential or commercial buildings, open spaces, houses etc.
We present the Honed surface finish that provides the cleanly and authentic “look”of this Stone, but it is very common to use it in his rough finish.
Several products are manufactured in this variety. We have standardized elements such as slabs, balustrades, columns or moldings. We produce different kinds of made to order elements such as porches and window surroundings, as well as slabs, blocks to supply marble workshops and natural stone companies.

Technical description
Calcarenite natural stone of cream color with some fossils, with a very uniform color and texture. Also available with a slightly veined effect when it is cut against the vein.

Aesthetic qualities
This natural stone stands out due its natural warm feeling. Its tone transmits the light and the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, with a texture, which inspires the calm and beauty of the beaches touched by the sea. It provides a high decorative potential thanks to the subtle veins, which are present naturally.